Boogie Down’s Competitive Program is perfect for dancers who love to perform, compete and push themselves to the next level. More involved than our Recreational Program, our Competitive Program will give dancers an appreciation for hard work, commitment, and creativity. Our competitive dancers are given the opportunity to learn cutting-edge, innovative dance styles from some of our most accomplished choreographers. 

Each year, our competitive dancers participate in 4-5 (local) regional dance competitions throughout March-June. The months leading up to these competitions are dedicated to choreographing and perfecting challenging and dynamic dance routines to perform at these competitions. In addition to their competitive choreography classes, dancers in the Competitive Program will be required to take technique and conditioning classes. These classes are reserved for practicing technique and skill development–this allows dancers to focus solely on their competitive routines during their choreography classes.

Boogie Down’s Competitive Team competes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe, Acro, and Hip Hop. Most of our competitive dancers start their journey on our Competitive Team by dancing in Large Groups and Small Groups. At Boogie Down, we believe that dancing in a Solo, Duet or Trio is a privilege – these types of dances will be awarded to any dancers who we feel have earned the opportunity based on work ethic, commitment, ability and professionalism.


Contact us to register for our Competitive Placement Intensive: July 4th -8th, 2022 

You will get the chance to meet our choreographers for the upcoming competitive season, get a great week of strong technique training classes, and learn pieces of choreography that will be used to inspire teachers for when competitive choreography classes start in the Fall! This week is a great opportunity to get a feel of what our studio is all about and meet some pretty awesome people!

Boogie Down Competitive Program At A Glance:

  • Competitive Placement Intensive held every July for one week of evening classes for all Competitive students, new as well as returning. This is a mandatory event.
  • Competitive Routine Offer sent via email within one week. Dancers are placed in routines to best set them up for a successful season, as well as foster growth.
  • Competitive Student Registration begins in August after the deadline to accept all Competitive Offers.
  • Competitive Team Jackets are mandatory and ordered each Fall for new members.
  • Mandatory technique training classes in Ballet and Jazz in addition to any other style you choose to compete in.
  • Choreography by our award winning Competitive Faculty is learned in separate specifically-designated weekly or alternating weekly classes.
  • Choreography by special Guest Choreographers may be learned outside of regular class time. (This is determined before registration).
  • We attend four to five local (GTA/Niagara Region) Regional Competitions each season. We offer optional attendance to a Solo competition early in the season, and we attend a Nationals Competition (local) every other season.
  • Competitive Dancers participate in the Burlington Santa Clause Parade.
  • Competitive Showcase performance in February each season – sneak peek at the Competitive Collection (a ticketed event).
  • All Competitive Group Routines are performed in the Year-End Recital as well. Solos, Duets and Trios may be limited. (a ticketed event).

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