Wednesday Woman: Misty Copeland | Boogie Down Studio

Wednesday Woman: Misty Copeland | Boogie Down Studio

For some dancers, it was a childhood dream to grow up and become a professional performer – be it a Swan Lake ballerina, a Broadway jazz performer or a hip-hop back-up dancer. The road to achieving such a goal is long and challenging – requiring a dancer’s blood (sometimes literally), sweat (gallons and gallons of it) and tears (to release the tension & counterbalance stress). It is hard to describe in words the journey a dancer must take, and the mentality required, in order to attain such a level of success. This absolutely impressive, magical and rewarding dream, belonged to one such dancer by the name of Misty Copeland – today’s Wednesday Woman in the spotlight (no pun intended).

In June of this year at the age of 32, Misty Copeland became the first African-American woman to be named a principal dancer in the 75-year history of American Ballet Theatre – a monumental and historical achievement for both dance and African American communities. After rapidly catching the attention of fellow industry members and her audiences in recent years, Misty quickly became one of the most famous ballerinas in the United States with a growing social media presence. While she has performed many of ballet’s most coveted roles, none of them were under the title of Principal Dancer until this year.

“I believe that Misty Copeland is our Janet Collins of the 21st century. She has cemented a place in the history of concert dance as well as African American accomplishments.” – The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory, Artistic Director Safi A. Thomas

Misty is a prime example for dancers, and all athletes alike, who have a dream. You must: Work hard, stay focused, believe in yourself and never ever give up. We are truly excited to watch Misty flourish in her new lead role at the American Ballet Theatre. She deserves every stage spotlight out there.


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