#FEARLESSFriday | Boogie Down Studio

#FEARLESSFriday | Boogie Down Studio

Is there something that you’re dying to do but are afraid to try? Have you been mentally planning and preparing to go after that one thing, but for some reason find yourself not actually moving towards it? We would bet a super, awesome, Boogie Barre class that you just said “Yes!” without hesitation, whether it was out loud or in your head.

One word: Resistance. It’s icky. It appears at the most inconvenient of times – that moment when you’re about to tackle something that is fantastically wonderful, uncomfortable, difficult, life-changing… we could go on! And the reason why it pops up varies, depending on the person and situation. Maybe it’s your first time trying something that you’ve never done, which can be unnerving – you don’t want to look or feel silly. It could be something super important like a career changer, that could shift your life onto a new, unknown path – you don’t want to mess up your chances. Or, you could be attempting to quit an old habit by replacing it with something new and, hopefully, better for you – you don’t want to fail. Whatever the case may be, resistance LOVES to jump in and trip up your ‘Let’s DO THIS!’ attitude. It loves to thwart your desire to change, and it does this in a myriad of ways like: Putting off your first yoga class until tomorrow (again and again). Finding a million and one ways to clean, organize and re-organize your room rather than putting words on a page for that chapter of your first book. Turning down an amazing course because you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you don’t have the money for it, as opposed to being creative and finding a way to fund your development and growth as a human being.

Why does resistance like to get involved, you ask?! Well, whatever the situation, whomever the person may be, as human beings it’s in our nature to feel kind of funky when change is in the air. Because change means something new, something different, something UNKNOWN. And typically, the unknown is SCARY. It raises a lot of questions, a lot of ‘What ifs?’ What we’re trying to say is that more often than not, the reason for the presence of resistance boils down to FEAR. For whatever reason, when you forego choosing to go after what you want most, it’s because you have a little bit (or a lot) of fear goin’ on inside of you… and that’s OK, it happens to the best of us.

We’re here to share with you (because it’s always awesome to be reminded) that we all have the power to do and achieve whatever we want – whatever we put our minds, hearts and whole souls into. We are capable of OVERCOMING resistance, overcoming our fear. That’s why we’d like to call today #FEARLESSFriday!!! We CHALLENGE you to do something NEW! To go after what it is you want, that thing your heart has been aching for, no matter how big or small. Take one step (or two or three) in the right direction. Be FEARLESS!!! Just do it! Don’t worry about the end result. Don’t dwell on looking silly or failing. Take comfort in knowing that EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU is striving to achieve something wonderful too. Throw yourself into it. Be in the moment and do it now. Be your fabulously fearless self! Inspire yourself. Breed confidence in yourself. Celebrate you!

End this week – and begin the weekend – with one of our favourite mantras:

I can. I will. End of Story.


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